Sin cripples your confidence to communicate with God…. So, avoid committing it.

We have grace to overcome for we know that sin shall not have dominion over us again. So, we know that it’s our choice to put ourselves under the subjection of sin. For it is our yielding.

We can yield ourselves to righteousness which comes as a result of grace, not our perfection or self-righteousness, or we can yield ourselves servants to sin thereby becoming equally yoked with sin. We can become totally free from falling to sin.

I know God has empowered us already, only that we have refused to walk in it…. I’m launching Operation Defeat Flesh.

Praised be God who has actually given us victory over the flesh. The problem is just that we find it hard to believe. We have mental believe in our victory, yet we lack full and effectual(practical) believe that can make us actually live in such realities….

God desires us to live above sin and He has empowered us to do that. And that’s why these three elements are necessary and very needed:

1. The Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.
2. The Love of God. and
3. The communion with the Holy Ghost.

The Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ produces a life that doesn’t submit to the dominion of sin, rather, such a life lives in righteousness produced as a result of Grace.

One wonders how Jesus Christ lived upon the face of the earth, yet He was without sin. He declared, ‘the prince of this world came and found nothing in me’. How was He able to escape one day without sin?

Grace. Grace produces righteousness and righteousness brings us into eternal life. One who lacks grace is one who is subject to sin and death, therefore being in bounds of sin.

Sin is a killer. Grace is a builder. Sin is like cankerworm, it continues to eat and suck until the person dries up and die.

The Love of God was the one that brought us into salvation, hence, what will also keep us in salvation is not works but love. A man marries a woman because he loves the woman, what will also keep the marriage working is not hard working or sex, it is love. When love fails between them, the marriage will fail.

We are a product of God’s love therefore we must continue in His love. We must not depart from His love or be separated. Love constrains us to be Holy. Love does not rejoice in iniquity(unrighteousness or sin) but rejoices in the truth. Paul asked, ‘what shall separate us from the Love of God….’

Then he answered by saying NOTHING. Nothing is big enough to separate us from that love. Love binds. We must be bound together in love. That’s why the greatest commandment is ‘Love the LORD, your God with all your heart, all your mind, and all your strength.’ Love produces faith. Faith is a life that responds to God’s word in obedience.

The communion of the Holy Ghost is very important for our walk with God. The one reconciling us to God on daily basis is the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost is wooing us to Christ, preparing us, working in us so that the life of Christ is fully produced in us and that we will be set for the marriage feast of the Lamb. He is teaching and bringing us into all truth and these we must do.

We cannot be one with God except we have been tutored and Governed by the Holy Ghost. He is the spirit of promise, the spirit of truth, the helper, the comforter…. The Lord is that Spirit, and where the spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. We needed to be full of the Holy Ghost on a daily basis.

The Holy Ghost is important our survival as followers. He is the one that brings us into sonship. As many as are led by the Spirit, they are the sons of God.
Live in the reality of your victory over the flesh. Live gracefully.