The main agenda of the Kingdom is to bring many sons into perfection. Perfection is the blessedness of God. Perfection is the eternal rest of God. Perfection is the life of the Father.

The kingdom is a place run by the righteousness of the divine. It is above the
wonders of the angelic. It goes beyond the reach of the angels. It is meant for those who have become sons willingly following the leading of the Holy Spirit who is charged with the responsibility of bringing us into all truth, taking that which is Christ and delivering it to us.

For Christ is made unto us a righteous pattern. For to be like Christ is to grow into sonship. For to be like Christ is to become Christ. Christ Jesus is raising us as christ, a personality that can enter into the Kingdom. For in making the captain of our salvation perfect, He raises many sons and so He is not afraid to declare unto us the name of the father which will be the eternal figure and image of glory for them that has grown into His image and followed successfully after the likeness of the majesty on High.

So, as many as are willing to follow the way, they are trained to learn, see and follow the truth, and so end up receiving the life which is in the son and as a result become sons.

The three bear record of that life which is constituted in the son because they have that same quality of life. But the agreement is that as many as would believe in the son, receive Him and follow Him, they will be inputted with that life which is propelled by righteousness, an attribute which runs the Kingdom.

The kingdom through righteousness releases grace and these grace reigns to eternal life. This grace helps to overcome the wicked one that we also are totally relieved of the sinful inheritance we inherited from Adam so that we are now made to partake of the new inheritance which is in the son, life eternal.

The disobedience of the man Adam brought about sin and death which also is a product of a type of law written in the hearts of men, powered by separation and total or partial yielding to the fallen design of the earth. This is a natural inducement to do that which is pleasing to the natural, so, carnality which is a seed from the fallen mental state of man produces death.

The second man in reclaiming, redesigning, and reconciling us unto God, by His
Obedience brought us life and grace which also has a law written on the tablets of the hearts of them that are willing and obedient to follow the dictates of the Lamb of God.

This law is the law of Christ, the codes that make you Christ, the coding of the name of the LORD that initiates salvation- The grace. This grace has appeared to all men and has introduced and brought to men salvation. We are therefore no more partakers of the old inheritance which is condemnation, for they that believe not on the son are condemned already in as much as we were conceived and given birth to in sin
confirming the need for a re-birth.

Except a man be then born again (born from above), he cannot see the Kingdom of God. Therefore as many as are in Christ Jesus and follow after the Spirit, there is now no condemnation. Our inheritance is the Father and His Kingdom. And we must not stop at anything until the Kingdom of this world becomes the Kingdom of God and His Christ. No man can show us the father except the son of His love.

No man can take us to the Father except He that has been with the father even before the worlds were made. He also came in the appearance of man to show us the father. He gave up His glory that we may enter into the divine glory of the Father. He gave up His name as the Word, that He may bring us the name of our dear Heavenly father.

He become poor that we may be rich. He being God took upon Himself the form of man that man may take on the form of God and eventually become sons of God. He denied Himself His place in the Kingdom that we may thereafter come into His place for He said, where I am, there will you be. He gave up His eternal identity that He may show us the dimension of God called Emmanuel.

He is the revelation of God’s personality which is Love destroying the fallacy painted to humanity by that fallen old foe,the devil. He walked without fault. He worked a perfect work. He was a good work unto as many that were willing. Having the form of man, he chose to die, him that cannot die.

Only the lamb of God that was slain can bring us to the throne of Yahweh. Only the slained lamb can drive us into the abode of the almighty. For no one is able to open the books and to break the seal, save the Lamb. No one can bring the father to us except His beloved. No one can introduce the father to us except He that knows the father. In like manner, no one can initiate entrance into the Kingdom of God except for Him that has been in the Kingdom.

God at sundry times and in times past spoke to us by the prophets and the fathers, but at this last times speaks to us by His dearly beloved son having commanded and ratified Him twice saying “this is my dearly beloved son in whom I’m well pleased, hear Him”.

That son, Jesus the Christ shows us God and speaks expressly about the father for He is the brightness of God’s glory and the express image of His person. He confirms Himself as the only avenue to the Father declaring that “I AM THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE, NO MAN COMES TO THE FATHER EXCEPT THROUGH ME.”