I cry when I see many blind, so, I say, open my eyes for who knows whether I’m yet blind. I fear and quake when I see people deaf and dumb and I pray to my God and my Lord and say, Open my mouth that I may utter the word of eternal life, open my ears that I may hear the word of Life. Strengthen my feet to walk on this path of Righteousness. Help me to hear the word of Eternal life. And not just to hear but to also see Eternal life. And not just to see, but also to look upon, gazing daily on Eternal life. And Father, not just to look upon, but to also Handle Eternal life. For then will it become mine. Then will it become my life. Help me oh Lord. My heart cries to you in prayer and reverence. Help us oh Lord. The world doesn’t know the Father, but I want to know you My Father. The world have adopted another father, the devil, father of lies. But I want to hold on to you My God, My Lord and My Father. Thou art the keeper of my soul. Let not the world drag your word out of me and my friends. I pray oh Lord. Keep us in your pavillion. Hide us in your secret place that there may become our abode. We seek thy mercy, which is the custodian of Salvation. Bring us to your love, forever oh Lord. Amen.