“And they took them wives of the women of Moab; the name of the one was Orpah, and the name of the other Ruth: and they dwelled there about ten years.” (Ruth 1:4).

Good morning,
A quick reminder of what we were looking at. We’ve been considering the book of Ruth and how it relates to our life today, the spiritual significance and the life God wants us to live.
Here, we see that after the death of who seem to be the head of the family, the children had liberty to do what they liked or simply put, what they wanted/desired. The problem wasn’t that they were not ripe or fit for marriage, but it is forbidden to join oneself to idol worshippers. Marriage means becoming one with another. The problem in church or in this world is not that we mustn’t have legitimate needs or care, but how do we satisfy them? We are so quick to lose our individuality with God, since we do not have a head(seemingly) that can call us to order. It therefore is not what ‘can I do to honour and worship God’ but rather unfortunately, what are they doing that ‘I can also do to show God I’m also worshipping Him’.
God has called us to a place of personal relationship and it is a place of order and responsibility. It is not a place of generalisation and disordeliness as we see in our society, church inclusive.
Being married is not the issue here, but to whom are you married to? To God or to Idols? Many people have their passion focussed on the wrong things of life and that has become their worship. Worship also translates to being married to something or someone. We must therefore denounce all passions and self-will worship not rooted in GOD or uninspired by God. God desires that we be married to Him, His words and His life. His life is His word and His word He has exalted even far above Himself. So, rather than being joined to the ways of the world, be joined to His Truth, His word, His life. God bless you.