Morinsola Olanubi writes:
We’re in a Critical moment. There is a plan in God’s heart for us dis moment. So we’re recievn Grace,strenght,capacity,depth to be able to carry in and carry out His purpose. Dere’s an opening in dis year, it a year or Harvest, a year of plenty. We are pregnant and the time has come to travails and bring forth but we lack strenght but also there is a provision of Strength. We need to enlarge our heart, lengthen our cord, strenghten d stakes and not holding back. The time is now. I don’t know how it will happen but There is a new dimension of life opened to the Church and d old is passing away. Heb 12 V 25-29. We shud not ignore the voice that is speakn frm heaven for d shaken has began, But there is need of strenght, capacity, enlargement on our inside. We need to dream anew, There is a release of Grace for everyone but it’s as far as you eyes can see that u’ll possess. We have crossed Jordan into d promise land but d question is do we have d capacity to possess it and dethrone the Flesh(former inhabitant). Do we long for it, do we desire the New or despise it or even see ourselves as grasshoppers.

We need to thirst and long for more, Grace is available but only available for those who longs and hope for it, blessed are those who thirst and hunger for righteousness for they shall be filled. We need new dreams, we need to think Big, not limiting ourselves but seen ourselves as gods not mere men.

I saw dis picture in my heart dis morning; Ministering Spirit were ministering to the Body of Christ but each person was only recieving dat which we have longed for, hoped for, thirst for, hunger for. Then I knew is as much as u can see that u’ll possess.

Wat u dream and desire is wat u’ll get, meaning some will get more if they take dis words seriously and harken to d voice that speakes from heaven, for a opening like dis it may take years before anoda one shows up (like the Isrealite dere was an opening to possess d land but they didn’t have faith and God was angry wit dat generatn and wiped them out anoda opening came 40yrs later and God ask dem to do d same tin send spies to see and bring report)

We need to see beyond wat our physical eyes can see and see in Spirit, see from where God sees and hold onto dat which we have seen(Jesus saw the glory ahead and despised the present shame)

In short there is a new dimesion of life, this time is critical we need to push, and bring forth, For God will not cause a woman to have birth pangs and den shut d womb
Are we ready to PUSH together? Then let us push, its not goin to be easy, it goin to require our time,comfort and so much more but there is a Glory ahead (an army arising in there full strenght and standing not breakn ranks)
My sincere prayer is dat no one will be left behind, every feeble knee will receive strength together we’ll bring forth.

And not only us, people are coming to join us too, God is gathering His people frm diff places. There will be one mind. There will no more hostility btw Ephraim and judah. Souls will be harvested. God will again reconcile d world to Himself thru US, like He did in thru Christ.