“After this manner therefore pray ye: Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. ” (Matthew 6:9).
Still on the subject of prayers. I figured out that many enter into prayers with an obligative mindset rather than responsiblity mindset. Obligative in the sense that they always feel prayer is a must-do exercise so that they can be alive, have money, live well in the society, achieve their long term dreams, have a safe travel, please God and all sort of reasons, rather than see prayer as a responsilbility in that it is our response to the Love of the Father. I do not pray because I’ll die if I don’t nor do I pray because I have problems and needed solutions fast. No. I pray because God loves and I need to respond back in love, therefore I build a relationship with Him. Prayer is not a burden, it our response to God’s love. No one knows how to pray, except that it be laid first in one’s heart. Remember, it is God that is at work in us both to will and to do of His good pleasure. This also includes an act of prayer which is a tool for relationship building between man and God.
The only reason why there is so much frustration in life with regards to answered or unanswered prayers is that many of our prayers lack Grace and Love inside. They were borne out of curious need for wealth and other justifiable, legal reasons based on the pressures that surrounds us in the society.
Jesus never prayed out of frustration, so, His prayers were always with the Father’s love in focus and His willingness to obey the Father in all situation. When we realise prayer in this light, we will always be less frustrated over unanswered prayers. In love, Faith is built. Trust come as a result of Faith. It then becomes easier to give all when in Love. Prayer is your response to God in love and not an obligation of burden.
God bless you.
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