“But ye, beloved, building up yourselves on your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Ghost,” (Jude 1:20).
The subject of prayer has witnessed so much controversy in our churches these days. Some use prayers as a tool to fight and combat all their perceived enemies while others use it as a tool for success seeking and progress in life. Some explore faith in prayers as a predetermined factor for achieving life’s dreams and desires while others feel it is better useful for breaking away from the curses of one’s life. Some even say prayer is communication with God, yet, they’ve made it a monologue and hardly do they hear God’s response to their request. Whatever you say prayer is, you might not be totally wrong, you may just need more light on the concept of prayer. What then is prayer? Is prayer a tool to whine God to doing what we want Him to do even when He doesn’t plan to do it? Why do we whinge in our prayers?
Prayer is a learning. Prayer is an opportunity to come into divine relationship with God and as we do this we learn more of God. Every time we pray, we need to gain more experience and growth in the faith. Prayer is connecting to the heart of the Father and speaking forth what the Father is saying.
Jesus said, whatsoever I see my Father do, I do. When we pray in the Holy Ghost(praying by the help of the Holy Ghost), we build up ourselves and our faith is built up. We cannot grow in faith except we have an increasing knowledge of God(there is no end to learning and knowing God) and there is only one way to grow in the knowledge of God, it is having a relationship with Him. Prayer is an avenue to enter into continuous relationship with God and not a tool to pouring one’s problems or desires at the feet of God.
The Lord help us to see more of this as the week rolls on. Keep enjoying God.
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